Relatos Relato 2415x (Evento 2415-2022)

Este relato foi vinculado com o seguinte evento: Evento 2415-2022
NomeTina S
Grau de Experiência2/5
ObservaçõesI was driving westbound on the road as indicated by my mapping. The object appeared off to my left or south of my position and ahead of my position traveling in the same westerly direction. I thought it at first a comet or meteor but the way it behavedand having a tail, but the separating from the tail for a brief moment before disappearing, lasting as long as it did made me think of a satellite falling as it seemed too big and too close. There was a full moon, stars, we are by an active airport so we are well familiar with all types of aircraft from a distance, etc. Plenty of light pollution but this was so distinct and clear, that I could note the above details as I was driving, there was NO oncoming traffic to distract my view. My husband as passenger also noted same object and submitted report - I don't know if he saw it exactly when I did as I called it to his attention.
EndereçoRock Tavern, NY
Latitude41° 31' 33,3'' N (41,53°)
Longitude 74° 8' 21,64'' W (-74,14°)
Hora e Duração
Data & Hora Local17/04/2022 22:01 EDT
Data & Hora Universal18/04/2022 02:01 UT
Direção que se moveuDa esquerda alta para direita baixa
Ângulo de descida101°
De frente ao azimute270,89°
Primeiro azimute259,25°
Primeira elevação48°
Último azimute261,61°
Última elevação40°
Brilho e cor(es)
Magnitude estelar-12
CorOrange, Yellow, Light Yellow
Som Simultâneo
Som com atraso
Rastro de poeira (persistente)
Explosão no final
ObservaçõesSaw an object that appeared to be burning with a full tail - it separated from the tail as a full ball shape, no decrease of size and then disappeared. The tail and main body remained in existence for the same amount of time before disappearing.
ObservaçõesI believe I saw parts of it separate just after the main section had separated some from the tail. There was space between the tail and main body for a moment where I saw a handful other parts that seemed to separate above and below.