Relatos Relato 4018a (Evento 4018-2021)

Este relato foi vinculado com o seguinte evento: Evento 4018-2021
NomeAndrea T
Grau de Experiência5/5
ObservaçõesAmazing experience my 2nd time seeing a 🔥 fireball in the night sky. the feeling of magnetic force pulled me to look into the sky about 5 seconds before i could actually see it. it kinda sounded like a jet. Its like i felt a fire burning inside of me urgently as i 2alked into the house but something stopped me dead in my tracks and turned me around i walke back to the edge of the covered cement patio. When i Looked straight up it was entering my feild of view it burned so bright and had a long tail and seemed to last forever before i could not see it anymore and it appeared to be hugging the earth before declining out of my view. thenAfter this i could not see it anymore i saw a brief flash in the sky and it was over. It seemed to be really low or close to earth. the energy or was the most powerful thing i have ever see in this life are felt. Its so hard to explain. And was nothing like my first experience. They looke totally different from one another. I am a avid sky watcher staying up late or waking up early to see whats in our sky. This being said i have had more than a few once in a lifetime experiences and am grateful to have had the favor of the Universe to observe such a magical moment in time.
EndereçoLafayette, LA
Latitude30° 13' 5,33'' N (30,22°)
Longitude 92° 4' 28,84'' W (-92,07°)
Hora e Duração
Data & Hora Local13/04/2021 21:16 CDT
Data & Hora Universal14/04/2021 02:16 UT
Direção que se moveuDa direita baixa para esquerda alta
Ângulo de descida359°
De frente ao azimute270°
Primeiro azimute270°
Primeira elevação21°
Último azimute275,87°
Última elevação37°
Brilho e cor(es)
Magnitude estelar-13
CorGreen, Light Green, Orange, Yellow
Som Simultâneo
ObservaçõesIt sounded kinda like a jet with a woosh sound
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