Relatos Relato 3154f (Evento 3154-2021)

Este relato foi vinculado com o seguinte evento: Evento 3154-2021
NomeErnie C
Grau de Experiência1/5
ObservaçõesI was sitting on my front step. I saw sparkiling through a tree across the street, though someone had set off a firework. At one point, probably a full second, I saw the fireball with no obstruction blocking my view of it. The tree has not yet fully leaved, so the event was visible in that sense through the tree. I lost sight of the fireball as it passed behind a bungalow rooftop across the street, still glowing bright. I thought it would hit the earth in full glow and splatter as a molten blob.The fireball itself had 1 or 2 slight shades of a ring it seemed. Although it was entirely bright white as a star. The fireball size from my view would compare to a childs glass marble, on my fingertip at arms length. I was facing east. My best guess is the descent angle was 45 degrees, it's direction heading NWN. The circumference edge of the fireball was rough, like it was rotating at a high rpm. Air flow resistance effect? Looked like a molten, white hot spinning mass, spewing hundreds of molten particles. The glow of the fireball prevented any view of an actual rock. I thought it impressive how particles emitted from the brightness of the glow, appearing as a magician's trick from behind a vail of glow.
EndereçoRegina, Saskatchewan (CA)
Latitude50° 28' 56,64'' N (50,48°)
Longitude 104° 38' 3,07'' W (-104,63°)
Hora e Duração
Data & Hora Local02/06/2021 01:15 CST
Data & Hora Universal02/06/2021 07:15 UT
Direção que se moveuDa direita alta para esquerda baixa
Ângulo de descida215°
De frente ao azimute64,7°
Primeiro azimute63,62°
Primeira elevação26°
Último azimute62,65°
Última elevação
Brilho e cor(es)
Magnitude estelar-28
Som Simultâneo
Som com atraso
Rastro de poeira (persistente)
ObservaçõesLots of molten particles separating from fireball. One larger piece separated from lower area, I could see it tumble because its size changed during fall. Each particle sparkled like a 'white fireworks'. I saw no smoke or vapor in the trail. The trail was hundreds of very bright particles, spreading apart as they fell. Looked like a 'fat tail' compared to fireball diameter.
Explosão no final
ObservaçõesTo me the fragmentation was hundreds of small, molten particles separating from the glow of the fireball. Each sparkling as a 'white fireworks'. Some trailed behind, loosing descent speed. A comparitively larger particle, compared to the other particles, emitted from the glowing fireball's lower side. It pulled away then continued alongside the fireball, tumbling and staying at the fireball's side, maintaining the same speed of descent as the fireball. The sparkling tail looked fat, it's maximum width being twice the diameter of the fireball.