Relatos Relato 3030n (Evento 3030-2021)

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NomeJillian H
Grau de Experiência2/5
ObservaçõesInitially I thought it looked like a giant firework that was shooting across the sky about to explode, but it was perfectly horizontal. I kept waiting for the "boom" but no noise came. And logically I knew it couldn't be a firework because of the speed of the object, the brightness, how large it was, and the fact that it didn't fall and fade into a bunch of small sparks of light like a firework or even a firework dud would. It simply vanished leaving a small glowing trail behind it that faded seconds later. So the next theory formed in my head:I thought "was that a massive green shooting star?" But it appeared way too big and way too close to the horizon to have been a shooting star. Plus no shooting star has ever been green in my experience. So I googled "Giant green shooting star" and I found this sight that explained the appearance of a fireball and it sounds exactly like what I saw! I've never seen anything like it! It was bright and so green and gone as fast as it came! I have sat outside for an hour to see if I could see anything else that was similar or if I could hear anything and I have not. All I know is whatever I saw was super cool, and I've literally never seen anything even remotely similar to what I just saw!
EndereçoBrooksville, KY
Latitude38° 40' 48,02'' N (38,68°)
Longitude 84° 4' 7,58'' W (-84,07°)
Hora e Duração
Data & Hora Local28/05/2021 00:15 EDT
Data & Hora Universal28/05/2021 04:15 UT
Direção que se moveuDa esquerda baixa para direita alta
Ângulo de descida87°
De frente ao azimute242,14°
Primeiro azimute206,14°
Primeira elevação33°
Último azimute266,5°
Última elevação33°
Brilho e cor(es)
Magnitude estelar-10
Som Simultâneo
Som com atraso
Rastro de poeira (persistente)
ObservaçõesA glowing train was left behind the fireball and only lasted maybe 2-4 seconds after the fireball was gone. It faded very fast from left to right, in the same direction the fireball was traveling. It looked different than the trail an airplane leaves, not smokey like an airplane trail, more glowing, but similar in shape to an airplane trail. Whereas an airplane trail is not visible at night in the dark, this was visible till it faded away.
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