Relatos Relato 2765p (Evento 2765-2021)

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NomeDebra D
Grau de Experiência3/5
ObservaçõesThere were clouds. I know that I did not view the whole path. It may have been streaking around behind clouds before I saw it burst into view and it disappeared behind the 3 story building that is right across the driveway from mine so I missed the end of its path. There was far too much ambient noise to hear anything though it seemed there would be something to hear. Our skies have been busy this week. The satellite train has been visible in my state. I wish I'd know about this site immediately after I had seen it as I noticed multiple colors but I am having a hard time remembering them all now. It was remarkable in how it seemed like a heavy object FALLING down rather than streaking across the sky. It seemed pulled in an arc but the weight of it was pulling it down faster. It had a wiggly awkward path, much more down than across. If that is helpful. I'd love to know if there were other reports in my area. It was early and many people were out and must have also witnessed it. Thanks!
EndereçoHugo, MN
Latitude45° 10' 2,75'' N (45,17°)
Longitude 93° 0' 13,09'' W (-93°)
Hora e Duração
Data & Hora Local13/05/2021 22:00 CDT
Data & Hora Universal14/05/2021 03:00 UT
Direção que se moveuDa direita alta para esquerda baixa
Ângulo de descida240°
De frente ao azimute304,7°
Primeiro azimute320,59°
Primeira elevação28°
Último azimute298,93°
Última elevação17°
Brilho e cor(es)
Magnitude estelar-25
CorBlue, Dark Green, White
Som Simultâneo
Som com atraso
Rastro de poeira (persistente)
Explosão no final
ObservaçõesIt's hard to know if it just emerged from the cloud cover but there was a VERY bright and very large flash that held there for a bit, then it had an unsteady wiggly fall that made it look like a polywog shape, not a consistent arc. It disappeared behind the townhome building in front of me. I had a very narrow view of the sky and there was a lot of noise around. I feel like I reported more colors at the time but I cannot recall them all at this time, but there were regions of color. I was on the phone on my little deck at the time and shouted out loud what I was seeing. It was still SO BIG of a ball that I expected it to hit the home across from me and to hear a sound.